Residential Services

J. R. Wilson Engineering provides mechanical engineering design and drafting services for residential construction and alteration in Ontario. We provide drawings, calculations, and documents required for building permit. Offering engineered solutions to a more efficient future.

Services offered

  • Design of heating, cooling, exhaust, and ventilation systems (HVAC)
  • HVAC heat gain and heat loss calculations
  • Home energy modeling and simulation
  • Ventilation air calculations
  • Design of air duct systems
  • Boiler, hot water heating
  • Radiant floor warming and snow melt systems
  • Geothermal heating and cooling systems
  • Heating/cooling equipment selection
  • Home automation system design
  • Design gas piping systems, furnace, dryer, fireplace, stove, BBQ
  • Plumbing and drainage piping layout and design
  • CAD drafting, modeling services
  • Preparation of all documents required for building permit application
  • Inspection/reports of construction activity per documents

Sample Drawings



Efficiency Simplified

  • Green your home with efficient design.